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Discover the perfect plan for your trading journey with AlgoBulls. Whether you're a retail trader or part of a large institution, our flexible pricing options ensure you have the tools and resources you need to succeed. Explore our plans for Phoenix and Odyssey along with support plans, and choose the one that aligns with your goals and budget.

Starter Python Build Plan


Starter Python Build Plan


Intermediate Python Build Plan

$40/ Month

Advanced Python Build Plan

$100/ Month

Python Build AppOn WebOn WebOn WebMobile Apppyalgotrading (GitHub repo.)Jupyter NotebooksProgramming IDE SupportCommand Line

Strategies Allowed to Be Saved50100200100% Coding FlexibilityReady Strategy Template LibraryGenerate Strategy with AITotal Number of GenAI Prompts Available103001000Easy Strategy Customizations Without Changing CodeDetailed Logs for Strategy ExecutionReal-time Dashboard for Trade ReportDetailed Trade Analytics (Heatmaps, stats and more)Train AI Model on Custom Strategy DataCopy TradingCustom Trade Analytics

Execution Time for Python Build (Backtesting/Paper Trading) in minutes100002000030000Execution SpeedMediumMediumMediumBacktestingPaper TradingLive Trading Allowed in Segments of IndiaLive Trading Allowed in Segments of USATotal Strategies Allowed to Run in Parallel101520Live Trading Strategies Allowed to Run in Parallel525Historical Data Duration for Backtesting (Python Build)2 Years3 Years3 YearsBulk Backtesting for Optimisations

India Market - EquityIndia Market - F&OIndia Market - CommodityIndia Market - CurrencyUS Market - EquityUS Market - F&OUS Market - CommodityUS Market - CurrencyCustom Market, Custom Segment

US Markets' Broker - StandardIndia Markets' Broker - StandardUS Markets' Broker - CustomIndia Markets' Broker - CustomCustom Markets' Broker

IP Protection on AlgoBulls ServerIP Protection On-PremiseNANANAIP Protection on Custom ServerNANANA

Strategy Analytics DashboardCustomer Analytics DashboardAdmin Analytics DashboardHuge Volume of Data Processing

InfrastructureAlgoBulls ServerAlgoBulls ServerAlgoBulls ServerCustomised Strategy Marketplace InfraDedicated Server RackCustom Cloud

Professional SupportCommunity Support on SlackTotal Number of Support Tickets01010Custom SupportCustom Strategy Development SupportWhitelabels with Custom BrandingAlgoBulls Powered Web DesignsCustom Web DomainsSupport Web Back Offices to Configure Whitelabels, Access Usage Data for AnalyticsInfrastructure Customisation Support
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