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Choose from a wide range of No-Code strategies in our DFY (Done-For-You) solution Odyssey (Algo Marketplace) and make the most of the capital market without the need to indulge in strategy building process.

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If you are an individual, aiming to make it big in capital market trading, you have reached the right place. With our carefully curated trading algos, suitable for all, be it an amateur or an expert, you get the chance to hit the home run in the market.


Get Started

Get Started

Sign Up/Login to your account. Checkout the Retail Marketplace.


Select Strategy

Select Strategy

Choose from a wide range of strategies. Make sure the investment size & risk appetite fits your criteria.


Select a Plan

Select a Plan

Pick the right AlgoBulls subscription plan for yourself.


Add a Broker

Add a Broker

Add a suitable broker to your AlgoBulls account.


Start Trading

Start Trading

With all the parameters set, you can now start trading!


Odyssey (Algo Marketplace) is the combination of the most advanced algo trading technology and the most simple User Interface for all.

Strategy pool

Strategy pool

Select from a rich and ready made collection of algo trading strategies for different trading styles that empowers you with a safe and authentic trading experience.

Transparent & Authentic Virtual Trading

Transparent & Authentic Virtual Trading

Accurate simulations of real trading scenarios that make way for investors to analyse buying and selling of securities before plunging into the real market.

Regular monitoring

Regular monitoring

In-house RMS (Risk Management System) team that regularly monitors all trading activities and keeps an eye on any irregular transaction or trading activity in your account to ensure a 100% secure and foolproof trading ecosystem for you.

End-to-end reporting

End-to-end reporting

A comprehensive report that gives you a clear picture of your current trading activities and a real-time analysis of your current investments.

Customizations galore

Customizations galore

With Odyssey, you are not limited to just a bunch of pre-defined strategies, but you can now tweak and fine-tune your strategies using more than 25 parameters on our platform to generate a million new ways of investing in the capital market.

Powerful insights

Powerful insights

Worried how your trading strategies are performing over time? With Odyssey, you get to observe returns, profits, risk, and more over time through robust data visualisations.

real trading

Real Trading

Unleash the potential of scientifically-built and proven automated trading strategies transforming real time live trading into a cakewalk

real trading

All inclusive

Be it Nasdaq or NSE, Indian or global markets, we offer multi-exchange, multi-broker, and multi-country trading modules, all under one roof

Support multi formats

From 150+ technical indicators to diverse candlestick patterns to every category of order (Regular, Bracket, Cover, Market, Limit, SL, SL-M) and more, we accommodate for any and every format of trading possible on our platform

Flexible pricing

You have the option to choose from two payment modules, Pay-as-you-go or buy a Monthly Subscription from us, whatever suits you the best

Paper Trading

Accurate simulations of real trading scenarios that make way for investors to practice buying and selling securities through virtual money before plunging into the real market.

Virtual meets real

We offer trading with virtual assets in a 100% virtual trading environment during live market hours to provide you a distinct feel of market without you having to actually invest money

Easy payment

You can either opt for a full subscription package or pick the option to pay as you go (charges applicable are on per minute basis) for utilizing our servers to conduct accurate Paper Trading


Fully automated predictive trading algorithms that take into account historical data to provide you explicit details on how a particular trading strategy has performed, with no margin of error, thanks to our robust tech.

Authentic data

Bringing to you the most critical aspect of backtesting, the complete set of bona fide historical data necessary to derive cogent backtesting insights through licensed data vendors only.


With this set of data, you can now test various trading strategies on our platform to get a comprehensive idea of which trading algo works the best for you, without investing any real money in the live markets

Easy pricing

Either select a complete subscription package or choose to pay per minute (of using AlgoBulls servers) for backtesting, its completely upto you.


With AlgoBulls, you are not limited to just a bunch of pre-defined strategies but can now tweak and fine-tune using more than 25 parameters. directly on our website, to generate a million new & secure ways of trading in the capital markets, without writing a single line of code

strategy tweaks

We give you the freedom to change the strategy parameters which define the functionality of the strategy and create your own unique way of building a trading algo that centers on your specific needs.

instrument modification

As a user, you can easily change the instrument that is traded on our platform with a simple click.

strategy settings

A comprehensive in-built Risk Management System where you can set all the risk factors, from Credit Exposure to Target to Stoploss, giving you the freedom to define risk settings as per your comfort.

order settings

Be it allowing multiple orders from the same script or defining the maximum orders you want to include in your strategy; a host of customizable options which you can set to the levels you like.


Why start building your trading strategies and platform from scratch when you have pre-constituted result-driven solutions on our platform with seamless broker integrations that transforms complex trading sessions into a delightfully simple affair? Just use our platform, out-of-the-box, served to your clients as if it's your own!


With us you get a unique subdomain name for your brand

Custom strategies

Looking for custom strategies which should be available only on your brand specific url? We got you covered.

Plans & packages

We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" hence we have the provision for you to offer highly flexible pricing plans and packages that can address the needs of your entire gamut of clients

Custom Web Panel

Information-rich custom web panel that gives a complete snapshot of the strategies being run, volume of trading & subscription of plans done from each of your client accounts, helping you manage things centrally.

Server Deployment

We are responsible for providing you seamless, efficient, and powerful servers ensuring speed, comfort, and accuracy while trading for your customers

Server Maintenance

Dedicated to running & maintaining our servers for your benefit so that you get to utilize our platform without interruption. Our smart, rugged, and AI-driven servers are at your service 24X7

Comprehensive Reports

A one-stop-shop report that gives you a snapshot of your past and current trading activities, giving you a conclusive record of all your trading efforts.

PNL book

PNL book

The P&L Book shows the gross profit & loss, which is your total profit and loss, the trading volume, which is the maximum traded volume to date, and the total trades, which is the total number of trades made to date.

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